A downloadable masterpiece for Windows

You've been tasked to find a murderer. Only problem is, all the witnesses are liars!

HOW TO PLAY: Walk around and press E to talk to witnesses. They will lie about what they saw which with a little luck might just help you find the real killer. Press space to open up your notes of what you've learned. When you think you've solved the case walk up to the culprit and press P to accuse them. Good luck!

Install instructions

Download .zip file and extract all. Make sure the .exe and .win are in the same file.


OperationDinnerGuest.zip 2 MB


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your game made it into my top 10 list of the best jam submissions.
Thank you for making for making this amazing game.
See the full top 10 list here:

That's so awesome!

Solid idea and excecution.
The clock ticking down adds a nice sence of presure, even thoug there is mostly pleanty of time.
Some more varients per game could add some replayability.
Just some ideas from me side.
Keep it rooling.

Thanks for the feedback!



Thanks :D